Leisure market

Our power systems maxmize your leisure experience. Do not let  low battery power spoil your holidays. Whether your are on a sailing trip, travelling with a recreactional vehicle or going hiking, one of our power solutions are just right for you.

Portable solar chargers
Micro-wind turbines
Fuel cell systems

Automotive sector

Long-duration idling of engines of large vehicles to cater for power needed has been adding enormous costs to businesses and large quantity of harmful emissions to our environment. As the anti-idling legislations are getting widespread, need for onboard power generators for cab loads is growing.

Our fuel cell technology  is an attractive option for auxiliary power units (APU) due to its higher conversion efficiencies and low noise compared to diesel motor APU. Tolerance of Saan Ecocells towards sulfur and carbon compounds and its robustness make them preferred  technology for fuel cell APU